Pinacoteca di Brera (Brera Art Gallery)

If you're looking for a collection of masterpieces, the Brera Art Gallery is a must.  It is a treasure trove of famous paintings, from The Kiss to Mantegna's The Dead Christ and the Three Mourners.  C...
Brera Museums in Brera

Fioraio Bianchi

Here you can eat at the few tables surrounded by flowers. Sicilian dishes are on the menu, such as pasta alla Norma, and there is a list of regional wines. This is a chance to dine at the most wellkno...
Brera Restaurants in Brera


With 23 years in the business, and experience on three continents (Asia, Australia and Europe) combined with an intense passion for Indian traditions and the desire to transmit them to others, this is...
Brera Restaurants in Brera

Bento Bar

In one of the most elegant pedestrian precincts of the city, along the vivacious and bustling Corso Garibaldi, Bento Bar is a well known and much appreciated destination not only for those who are pas...
Brera Restaurants in Brera


Obikà is an Italian restaurant with genuine bufalo mozzarella from Campania at the heart of its gastronomic search for genuine and traditional Italian produce of the very highest quality.
Brera Restaurants in Brera

Da Claudio

The oldest fish shop in Milan and the most famous for the variety, the freshness and quality of the produce it serves its faithful clients each day.
Brera Drinks in Brera

Bar Jamaica

Already a Milanese legend, the Jamaica was the first of many such meeting spots in Brera. This is where the zone as we know it today – lively and heterogenous – was born, thanks to the art...
Brera Drinks in Brera

Fiori Oscuri

Well known in Brera, Fiori Oscuri stands out as a very chic place, with soft light and a nice music environment, suitable for a romantic evening.
Brera Drinks in Brera

N'ombra de vin

Launched in 1973, the wine cellar "n'ombra de vin" in Milan is located next to the church of San Marco and occupies the old refectory of the friars Agostiniani.L 'enoteca has, over the years, offered...
Brera Drinks in Brera

Di Per Di

Dìperdì is a chain of supermarkets which effectively combines the offer of products and services with the "proximity to home."It will meet all your daily demands, offering fresh products...
Brera Food Markets in Brera

Punto Franchising

You will find all you need. From food to detergents. Everything in just a few minutes walk from your apartment. You will also find all your favorite brands.
Brera Food Markets in Brera

Armonia Pensiero in Movimento

This is just the place to tone up your muscles and stop the wear and tear on your body. The venue is spacious and airy and kept spotlessly clear.
Brera Gyms in Brera

Santomasei la Palestra

You can choose from corpo libero, gymdance, stretching, gag, body conditioning, step, body building, massages, shiatsu and sauna. The area is acclimatised, subscriptions are available, as well as dail...
Brera Gyms in Brera

Antica Farmacia di Brera

This historic pharmacy, which first opened in 1700, sells homeopathic and herbal products, as well as cosmetics and veterinary brands. It is open Monday to Friday 08.30-13.15, 15.30-19.00 and Saturday...
Brera Pharmacies in Brera

Farmacia del Garibaldi

This historic pharmacy and herbalist first opened in 1887 and also sells homeopathic products and profumery. It is among the few pharmacies in Milan open from Tuesday to Saturday 09.00-13.00, 15.00-19...
Brera Pharmacies in Brera

Bulgari Hotel

Bulgari Hotel and Resorts is probably the most refined and exclusive establishment in Milan, a boutique property adjacent to the most important shopping street and monuments. The comfortable rooms ove...
Brera Hotels in Brera


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