Corso Como

This has become one of the city’s fashionable nightlife centres. Here there are clubs, restaurants and trendy shops mixed with modern apartment buildings along Corso Como and adjoining streets. Corso Como itself is a small pedestrian precinct lined with shops, bars, restaurants and art galleries. Just outside this laid-back leisure area, which is packed with fashion-conscious young people in the after-work aperitivo hours, there are street markets by day, which have a much more mundane and down-to-earth feel about them. From here it is an easy and pleasant walk into Brera down Via Solferino. However, there are some busy traffic intersections around Porta Garibaldi and, to the north of the area, around the Porta Garibaldi station. There is a strange mix of styles, from early 20th century to very modern and rather anonymous blocks. There is good public transport but also a constant hum of traffic. Just to the north is a large ex-industrial area, which is now being redeveloped.

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Address Corso Como, Milan

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Corso Como

Corso Como, Milan