Porta Magenta

There is a quiet orderliness about this area of the city. Here the streets are much wider than in the centre around the cathedral (Il Duomo) and the houses are set back from the road. Via Vercelli is a busy shopping street and there is plenty of traffic but the area seems quietly dignified, perhaps because of the neat hotels, the scattering of consulates and the vicinity of the city’s biggest park, Parco Sempione. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper is in the church of S. Maria delle Grazie, Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie 2, so it is a must on the tourist route. One of the city’s international bookshops is in nearby Via Mascheroni. Porta Magenta is close to the station for the trains to Malpensa airport and connections to the city centre are excellent. There is a rather genteel air about this part of town, which is very different from the sense of urgency and business-like ernestness in other parts of the city.

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Address Porta Magenta, Milan

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Porta Magenta

Porta Magenta, Milan