Porta Ticinese, S. Ambrogio

To the southwest of the centrally located cathedral (Il Duomo), this area is characterised by mediaeval-looking little streets with low-rise apartment buildings set around pretty courtyards. Corso di Porta Ticinese is full of trendy boutiques and restaurants between Porta Ticinese and Antica Porta Ticinese. There are a couple of small parks and it is an easy walk from here to Navigli. At night it is even busier than during the day, with young people gathering inside the old gate, around the church of S. Lorenzo especially in the summer. Public transport from here into the centre of the city is excellent, but if you have a car you’ll have problems finding somewhere to park, unless you are lucky enough to be in an apartment block with a garage or parking space in the internal courtyard. The area around the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and the historic church of S. Ambrosio, which are a short walk uphill from S. Lorenzo, is one of the quietest in town.

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Address Porta Ticinese, S. Ambrogio, Milan

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Porta Ticinese, S. Ambrogio

Porta Ticinese, S. Ambrogio, Milan