2010 traffic fines to be collected

Bad news if you thought that old traffic fine had been forgotten: some 100,000 unpaid fines from 2010 are about to be collected by Milan city hall, bringing over €10m into the city coffers.

Workers in the Via Friuli offices of the municipality fines section have almost completed building the database of all fines from the third quarter 2010 which are still unpaid.  Once it is completed, it will be passed to revenue collection agency Equitalia, who will send out the reminders within the next two months.

About 40 per cent of late payers are residents of Milan, Comune officials said.  The others are residents of the hinterland, or visitors from other regions.

This new batch of reminders follows the successful operation a year ago, when almost 380,000 unpaid fines from the period from 2009 up to the second quarter 2010 were collected.  An improved system of checks brought last year’s proportion of errors down to three per cent, from the previous collection’s eight per cent level.  So the Comune is confident that the number of mistakes will continue to drop.

If you receive a demand for payment from Equitalia but still have your doubts about the validity of the fine, you can call up all the details in the database.  On the same page you can access helpful explanations, download form letters for placing an appeal against a fine you think is not owed, and find the phone numbers and email address for requesting further information.

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