700 new parking slots at Rogoredo

The important interchange station of Rogoredo, on the M3 and “Passante” lines, has just opened a new underground car-park with 700 slots, Milan city hall has announced.

The opening is another link in the plan to provide incentives for commuters to use public transport to get to work, with attractive price structures, and will be subject of a year-long experiment, the administration stated.

The new car-park is the 21st maintained by transit authority ATM near a metro or Passante station, bringing the slots for commuters from outlying areas to almost 15,000.

New commuter-friendly tariffs have come into effect with the opening.  The short-stay options have been increased from four to five hours, and from eight to ten hours.  The daily option has been increased from 07.00-20.00 to 06.00-21.00, and the weekly subscription from six to seven days.  Monthly and annual season tickets have also been introduced, with an option for a reserved space until 10.00 or, for a higher rate, a reserved slot all day long.

Parking costs €0.50 an hour, but there are rebates for longer stays: €1.50 for up to five hours, €2.00 for up to ten, €2.50 for 15 and €4.00 for 19.  A 24-hour stay costs €7.50, while a night-time stay (from 21:00 to 06:00) costs €5.50.
A weekly ticket (seven days from 06.00 to 21.00) costs €8.50, a monthly ticket €32.00 and an annual season ticket €350.00, all with a slot reserved until 10.00 each day.  If the slot is reserved for the whole period, these prices go up to €11.50, €35.00 and €440.00 respectively.

At only just over €1.20 per day including cleaning, lighting and security, even the most expensive-looking option works out at a bargain for drivers living nearby.  In fact, with the price of garages at the current level, even somebody living close to another metro station might be tempted to combine the annual subscription with a metro season ticket and leave their car in a very reasonably-priced “garage”.

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