Access Area C now also by Telepass

Motorists can now pay their access charge to Milan’s Area C by Telepass.

Under an agreement between Telepass and transport authority ATM, valid from 16 February, motorists who are Telepass subscribers need not stop to pay the congestion charge – their license plate will be read by the CCTV cameras when entering Area C and cross-checked with the list of Telepass users, and the access will be invoiced together with motorway tolls.  No extra costs will be charged for this service.

It is not even necessary to have the Telepass transponder on board: as long as the vehicle is in Telepass’s subscriber database, the billing will be automatic.  For those who do have the transponder on board, ATM points out that when entering Area C you will not hear the usual “beep” which sounds when entering the motorway.

Subscribers will need to log on to the website and activate the service; details are in the News channel. They can also request any previous access to Area C since 16 January, when the congestion charge came into effect, to be added to their Telepass invoice.

Milan city council reports a drop of 40,000 vehicle entries to Area C per day since the congestion charge was introduced.  Among residents of the inner city area there were 30 per cent fewer entries, for service vehicles the reduction was by 18 per cent, and for non-residents by an encouraging 47 per cent.

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