Adopt a gargoyle on Milan's Duomo

Milan’s world-famous Duomo (cathedral) is seeking volunteers to adopt its iconic gargoyles.
These are the bizzarre, often animal or monster faces which decorate the spouts carrying rainwater off the roof of a building.
As the Italian state budget for culture, already only a tiny fraction of government spending, has been brutally cut, the Church has turned to the international public to help finance the restoration of one of Italy’s best-loved buildings.  For a mere €100,000, you can even have your name sculpted under one of the 96 gargoyles which decorate 135 spires of the iconic symbol of Milan.  But lesser donations are also welcome, and – as the management’s website assures donors – they are income-tax deductible.
The cathedral's management says it wants "to encourage the Milanese and citizens of the world as a whole to be protagonists in the history of the cathedral, a priceless treasure that belongs to all of humanity."
Visit the appeal campaign website for full details on how to make your name part of the 600-year history of Milan’s Duomo.

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