Another Friday transport strike in Milan

MIlan strike shorter than announced.

Friday 27 October will see Milan’s public transport come to a halt, but not for the 24 hours originally demanded by labour unions.

After the transport ministry stepped in to veto the planned stoppage, Milan transport authority ATM has announced that buses, trams and metro trains will stop only for the four-hour period from 09.00 to 13.00.  Regional rail network Trenord workers will observe the same time-slot.

This will still be long enough to cause inconvenience for commuters, as many will be obliged to use private transport to reach their workplace, with consequent overload of street traffic.

The Malpensa Express service to Milan’s major airport will be substituted by a bus service.  But the road journey is slower than by rail, and moreover does not reach Milano Centrale rail station, but operates only between Malpensa and Milano Cadorna and Malpensa to Bellinzona.  Air passengers will therefore need to plan for a longer run to and from the airport.

Private rail carrier Italo has published a list showing 33 trains guaranteed out of a total of 67, while state railways Trenitalia has guaranteed the “Freccia” long-distance trains. It has also published a list of other trains guaranteed to run during the strike.

While the protest is billed as a general strike of all public and private sector workers, it has been called by only the smaller unions Cub, Sgb, Si-Cobas, Usi-Ait, Slai-Cobas and not the major confederations. This means that the city will not grind totally to a halt, but services will still be affected.