Another national "Bike to school day"

Parents in Milan’s “In bici a scuola” (to school by bike) group will adhere to the national Bike to School Day on Friday 31 January.
Undeterred by the weather forecast promising “light rain”, the group is encouraged by the success of last November’s event and by the adhesion of another city – Turin – to those taking part, which already included Rome, Naples and Bologna.  They have again recruited the experienced members of Milan’s Critical Mass movement of bicycle enthusiasts to help escort the convoys through the morning rush-hour traffic.  Several groups already hold regular weekly bike to school days in the city.
As of Thursday morning, 12 groups have already set up meeting points and routes to school for the national event. The organisers have promised to update the list of convoys with any additions or amendments on their Facebook page by 20.00 on Thursday evening.
A full list of the convoys with their meeting point, route taken and school served is available on the “In bici a scuola” website.

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