Apple Store Opening in Milan

An Apple Store is about to open in the centre of Milan. The mystery surrounding this opening should soon be solved. The location of the store is confirmed: it will take the place of a McDonald’s fast food in a famous Milanese gallery Vittorio Emanuele II. The architect Peter Bohlin, creator of various Stores around the world, such as the famous cube on New York’s Fifth Avenue, was recently interviewed by an Italian magazine, “Io Donna” and confirmed this news. Bohlin referred that Steve Jobs, the famous founder of the Apple brand, who recently died of cancer, was terribly disappointed by the fact that the capital of fashion did not have an Apple Store yet. Bohlin met Jobs for the first time at the marriage of Bill Gates . Since then, Jobs instructed Bohlin to build the general quarters of Pixar in Emeryville, California. After that Jobs expressed his desire to fulfill the opening of an Apple Store in Milan. After the ones of Paris, London, Hamburg and Rome (there are three Apple Stores: one one Via Merulana, the second on Corso Francia and the third at the Centrocommerciale RomaEst on Via Collatina), easily opened in central and symbolical sites, Jobs did not understand the great problems and a certain indifference surrounding the opening of a store in the Italian metropolis. In fact, Apple Stores have never been conceived by Jobs as simple selling points but much more as contemporary social spaces, a sort of square of the 21st century.

Wanted in Milan
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