Until next spring the public can visit Atika, an ultra-modern house that makes use of energy-saving strategies, outside the southern entrance of Fieramilano. Innovative solar panels and natural ventilation are among the cutting edge-technologies used in this home of the future, which aims to promote architecture that increasingly combines energy conservation, comfort and design.

The eco-compatible house has been specially designed by Velux, the world's leading manufacturer of roof windows and skylights, to suit the Mediterranean climate. The windows and solar panels are strategically placed to better tap light and heat; natural ventilation is obtained thanks to the air current, which is produced by the skylights located in the different rooms and by solar screens such as shutters and curtains. Furthermore, the outside hosts a unique garden where it is possible to cultivate vegetables in a very limited area.

The president of FieraMilano, Michele Perini, says this project reflects the spirit of the Rho-Pero suburb, which hosts this installation, where the largest rooftop photovoltaic system in Europe is due to be installed on the roof of the trade fair pavilion by next summer.