Biking is becoming so popular in Milan that finding a place to park is proving a problem.

Not quite Amsterdam, where traffic police remove bicycles parked outside the designated areas, Milan’s bikers are beginning to worry that there is not enough space to secure their two wheelers.

According to the newspaper La Repubblica the city administration has now written to condominium administrators saying that they must respect the right of cyclists to leave their bikes in the communal space of the buildings where they live or work. Tubs of flowers, reserved spaces for cars and the general disapproval of other residents are not good enough excuses to keep bikes out. Only places of designated historical and cultural interest are exempt.

The city has also asked that buildings provide special racks and places to secure bikes.

In July three new bike sharing stations have been added to the BikeMi service in Milan bringing the total 187, with 3,300 bikes and 5,516 parking racks now available. In June this year there was an average of 9,000 users a day.