BreBeMi ready to go

New superstrada to be opened Wednesday

The new “superstrada” connecting Brescia to Milan via Bergamo, known to Milanesi as “BreBeMi”, will be officially opened on Wednesday 23 July by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, together with the infrastructure and agriculture ministers, Lupi and Martina.

Over 66 kilometres long, the road has been on the drawing board since 1996, but work only really started to take off in 2008 when it was entered in the list of infrastructure to be completed in time for Expo 2015. Strong support for the plan has always come from local chambers of commerce and industrial partners.

The politicians will also open the first seven km of the “Arco Teem”, an arc of 32 km from Agrate to Melegnano, parallel to and outside the eastern stretch of Milano’s Tangenziale ring-road, connecting the BreBiMi to the ring. This project, too, should be completed in time for next year’s Expo, cutting travel time and congestion in the whole eastern sector of Milan’s hinterland. The name, pronounced “tame”, is another abbreviation, this time for “tangenziale est esterna Milanese”.

According to the planners, this new set of connections should reduce traffic on the A4 motorway by some 25 per cent, thus making traffic more fluid along the Turin-Trieste route. Once finished, the Teem arc should increase transit speeds in its area by 34 per cent and reduce time spent at the wheel by 8 m. hours, saving 15 m. litres of fuel per year.

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