Car and bike sharing in Milan

The range of car-sharing opportunities in Milan is the most extensive in Italy and one of the most competitive in Europe, with a choice of six operators and some 3,000 cars on the road. There are also opportunities for bike-sharing and even scooter-sharing.

Milan offers both “free-floating” car-sharing services, which allow you to pick up and drop off the vehicle anywhere within the operating zone, and “station-based” services with fixed stations for collection and delivery after use.

Shared cars can enter the city-centre limited traffic zone “Area C” and park – even in the yellow (resident) and blue (paying) slots – all without charge. Third-party insurance, fuel and road tax are included in the tariffs.

Four free-floating services are:

Car2Go cuts administration to a minimum. Sign up and download the app, and you’re ready to drive: just use the app to start your rental and simply drive to your destination. With the car2go app you see immediately which cars are available nearby. Choose a Smart Fortwo or Forfour and reserve it up to 20 minutes before departure. There’s a €9 sign-up charge, and then €0.24 or €0.26 fee per minute.


DriveNow offers eight comfortable and updated models of BMWs and Minis. At the end of your journey, simply leave the car wherever you want within the DriveNow Zone.  There is a one-off €29 registration fee, and hire then costs €0.25 per minute.

Enjoy offers 645 vehicles in Milan, including Fiat 500s for personal transport and Fiat Doblò mini-vans for more weighty delivery. Cars cost 0.25 per minute, or €50 for 24 hours consecutive rental. The rental includes the first 50 km., and a further €0.25 for subsequent kilometres, while vans cost €25 for the first two hours and 50 km, or €80 for a 24-hour period. If you sign up with a non-Italian driving license, there is also a one-off registration charge of €10, which includes a €5 welcome voucher to be used within 30 days.

Share’Ngo specialises in non-polluting electric vehicles. They have a range of 120 km until they need recharging (charge costs included in the tariff). They are fitted with automatic gear shift, parking proximity sensors, LED lights, radio and satnav system. The base tariff is €0.28 per minute, or €12 for 1 hour, or €50 for one day, with discounts for frequent users.

The two station-based options are:

E-Vai, with over 100 environmentally friendly cars – Pandas, Puntos and Citroën C3s – two thirds of which are electric powered. Electric cars cost €6 per hour or €72 for 24 hours, while the non-electric cars cost €2.40 per hour plus 0.48 per km. Frequent users can pre-pay €60 credit and incur no registration fee, while less frequent users will be charged €5 for each rental.


Ubeeqo offers Renault Twingos, Renault Zoes and Fiat 500s for periods from one hour to three weeks. Frequent users can opt for a €5 monthly registration fee and charges starting at €0.22 per hour or €29 per day, while one-off users can choose the €5 per hour, €39 per day option with no registration fee, all tariffs including fuel.  Cars need to be returned to the departure point.

Scooter sharing is a new departure which is very popular during the dry-weather days. MiMoto is the city-wide system of electric-powered, two-person scooters, free floating and including two helmets with each bike. The scooter can be left anywhere after use except on private property. Users must be aged 18 or over and have a valid driving licence and credit card. Tariffs start at around €0.23 per minute, €6.90 per hour or €29.90 per day, with special discounts for students at Milan’s four universities.

eCooltra is a leader in scooter sharing in Europe with a fleet of more than 3,000 electric scooters with a presence in five cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome and Milan. Pay only for the minutes you use and forget about everything else (insurance, a full battery, helmets and maintenance are all included). There is no registration fee; riding costs €0.24 per minute.

Newcomer Zig Zag offers three-wheel scooters with no fixed registration charge, except for holders of foreign driving licences; they pay €10, including a €5 voucher to be used within 30 days. No keys to lose – the motor is started with the PIN provided by the app.

And finally, for those who prefer the ultimate ecological transport, Milan city’s bicycle sharing system BikeMI has been operating since 2008 and now offers 4,650 bikes, including around 1,000 electrically-assisted bikes and children’s models, and 280 stations around the city.  Riders must be aged over 16 and have the use of a credit card.  The annual subscription costs €36, and a weekly rate of €9 or a daily rate of €4.50 are available; use of the BikeMI bikes is charged monthly to the credit card, and can be consulted at any time on the website.  There is a special Junior BikeMI section for kids from 6 to 10 years old and weighing less than 40 kg.

While Milan boasts a modern, efficient and affordable public urban transport network – with metro underground trains, trams and buses – sometimes we need something more personalised: what better than car sharing?