Casa Manzoni in Milan reopened

Alessandro Manzoni's house restored.

The house of Alessandro Manzoni, author of Promessi Sposi, has re-opened in Milan after a complete restoration.

The building on Via Moroni 1, in the city centre not far from La Scala, has been remodernised. At the same time the inside of the house has been upgraded so that the Fondazione Centri Studi Manzoniani can offer a more up-to-date programme of studies into the work of the 19th-century author.

The museum, which houses a collection of over 38,000 volumes, will now be divided into various thematic sections; the author's works, the portraits, his family and friends, the city, the cultural and historical background to Promessi Sposi, its various editions and its influence on Italian theatre, cinema and television.

Promessi Sposi, or The Betrothed, which was published in its first complete edition in 1827, is considered one of the milestones of not only the development of the Italian language but also of the the Risorgimento and the modern Italian state.

The re-opening of the house where Manzoni lived from 1813 – soon after his return from Paris – to his death in 1873, comes 230 years after his birth on 7 March 1785.

After the author's death the house had a checkered history. It was first sold at auction to a private buyer, then changed private owners twice, became the property of one of Milan's banks in 1937 and soon afterwards was donated to the city, on condition that it should be for the exclusive use for the Fondazione Centri Studi Manzoniani. It finally became the property of the foundation in 1941.

The restoration has been entirely sponsored by the bank Intesa S. Paolo.

Casa Manzoni is open Tuesday-Friday from 09.00-16.00. For more details see the Casa Manzoni website