Catching Up with the New Diesel x AC Milan Special Collection

From 17 January 2018 onwards there is something new in Diesel stores for A.C. Milan fans to check out. In fact, not just for A.C. Milan fans but for all fashion enthusiasts. Diesel has unveiled the new Diesel x AC Milan special collection, which includes both garments and accessories, perhaps something to consider for your next game of Omaha Hi-Lo.

The theme of the new collection is camo-fire or camouflage mixed with the usual Milan red and black colours. According to creative director of Diesel Licenses Andrea Rosso, the new Diesel x AC Milan special collection mixes the deluxe street style with an urban mood, which is suited not only for use for professional purposes but also casual purposes like enjoying casino and poker glitz and glamor.

The theme of the brand-new special collection is inspired by the off-field — hell’s flames pattern — uniforms characteristic of the A.C. Milan team. Both Milan and Diesel officials confirm the awe-inspiring theme of the collection has been designed as a result of a well-thought-out plan to “bring back to life the Rossoneri’s Devil,” which symbolised the team during the 1980s.

The new garments unveiled include suits, bomber jackets and T-shirts among others. According to the official view, the lightweight jacket is a result of a careful integration of the features of a bomber jacket and a blazer, the same as the Rossoneri official uniform. Fans will be happy to know that all the A.C. Milan Champions League victories, totaling seven from 1963 to 2007, are featured on the back of all the special collection T-shirts, and the hoodies exhibit Mohican, Diesel’s signature and logo of the collaboration.

The new accessories unveiled include a baseball cap, a beanie and a neckerchief, both of which are camo-fire patterned, and a nylon and leather weekend bag, which reminds us of the famous and much sought-after bowling bag used by the players when off the pitch in the 1970s. Thus, Diesel has skillfully mixed good-old classic style with modernity, which makes the collection stand out from the ordinary.

Like the new special collection itself, its official launch was impressive, too. Famous personalities, who are also A.C. Milan or football lovers, have been portrayed in Milan’s “sacred places,” clad in the new special collection and were exhibited during the launch. Portraits included Milan players such as Patrick Cutrone, Manuel Locatelli, Davide Calabria, and Niccolò Zanellato in addition to Italian singer Roshelle, rapper Rkomi, influencer Elbio Bonsaglio and the DJ Andrea Mazzantini.

As Andrea Rosso rightly points out, the new collection introduces a new style and takes away the feel of players wearing a uniform off the pitch. In collaboration with A.C. Milan, Diesel has produced a “gem.” It has already disrupted the sports fashion world, quite similar to how Texas Hold ‘Em disrupted the poker industry. This brand-new special collection is now available in all Diesel stores across the globe and is well poised to define the football fashion of tomorrow.