Citizen gardening to make Milan greener

Milan city hall is counting on residents to chip in and help care for the city’s smaller green areas.

Councillor Chiara Bisconti, presenting the “Tavoli del Verde” project, thanked participants for providing the “best possible start to this new chapter of public parks we want to write in Milan.”

The “Committees for Milan” network was inspired by a map drawn up to record all the city’s public greenery, from flower-beds in condos, traffic lane dividers or street-corner flower beds, all the way up to full-sized parks.  The plan is for the city administration to handle the overall management and look after the extra-large sizes, the local zone committees to handle the medium ones, and to involve residents in the small areas.

Milan has a total of over 22,000 square metres of green, said Bisconti; that means almost 18 for every resident.  This has increased by 2.7 per cent since 2010, or over 4 m2 per resident.  “That’s a good starting point for a new season,” she added.  “We’re thinking in terms of two key themes: decentralisation and participation. So we’re going to review the regulations, the management of resources and the contracts.

“There’s been an exponential growth in recent years in the number of residents who want to be allowed to look after their local green areas.  We need to listen to these requests and meet them with new regulations.”