City helps parents with school sign-up

For the school year 2013/14 beginning after the summer holidays, signing up kids for school places in Italy can be done only on line.  This registration is obligatory only for the first class of each category of school – primary, secondary, liceo, etc. – and not for continuation classes within the same category at the same school.

To help families without a computer and internet connection, or nervous about filling in the registration forms, 14 Milan libraries are offering the use of their computers up to the 28 February deadline for signing up.

Apart from the computers and internet connection, there will also be “mentors” on hand, made available by volunteer organisations contacted by city hall authorities, to help with the registration, as well as how-to leaflets (in Italian) for parents confident about going it alone.  And some libraries will even provide specially trained volunteers to help immigrant families wade through the Italian bureaucracy.

One library – in Via Tebaldi 41 – will also accept bookings for a slot at the keyboard.

A timetable of opening hours is available on the city hall website.  Click to open the article and look for the link “Orari” to the right of the headline.
These are the libraries taking part in the scheme:
Zone 1
Biblioteca Vigentina (Corso di Porta Vigentina 15)
Zone 2
Biblioteca Zara (Viale Zara 100)
Zone 3
Biblioteca Venezia (Via Frisi 2/4)
Zone 4
Biblioteca Calvairate (Via Ciceri Visconti 1)
Biblioteca Oglio (Via Oglio 18)
Zone 5
Biblioteca Chiesa Rossa (Via San Domenico Savio 3)
Biblioteca Fra’ Cristoforo (Via Fra’ Cristoforo 6)
Biblioteca Tibaldi (Viale Tibaldi 41)
Zone 7
Biblioteca Sicilia (Via Sacco 14)
Zone 8
Biblioteca Gallaratese (Via Quarenghi 21)
Biblioteca Villapizzone (Via Ferrario Grugnola 3)
Biblioteca Accursio (Piazzale Accursio 5)
Zone 9
Biblioteca Affori (Viale Affori 21)
Biblioteca Niguarda (Via Passerini 5)