Class action against Trenord accepted

Thousands of Milan commuters will be able to assert their rights and claim compensation for the breakdown in service by regional rail line Trenord last December.
Consumer association Altroconsumo, which organised a class action in a move still almost unheard of in Italy, announced that the application for the suit has now been approved by Milan’s Appeals Court.
“We calculated that some 700,000 commuters were caught up in those days of chaos, and we’re asking for 4 months’ season-ticket repayment from Trenord,” says the association.
The disservice, which lasted for about two weeks, was caused by errors in the new staff assignment software which sent drivers, inspectors and guards to the wrong station at the wrong time.  This caused trains to be cancelled or overcrowded, other trains travelling on the wrong route, and huge delays.  About ten thousand commuters joined the Altroconsumo move to claim compensation right from the start.  Now anybody else who wants to join the class action can do so, including non-members of the association.
To join, go to this page of the Altroconsumo website and click the large red “PARTECIPARE” button.   The association will inform participants how to stake their claim once the details have been arranged.  Obviously claimants will need to produce their season-tickets or other proof of their involvement.

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