Class action for Trenord chaos

Consumer association Altroconsumo has filed a class action with Milan tribunal against Lombardy regional rail operator Trenord for compensation for the chaos of last December, when delays and cancellations caused distress to travellers over several days.

Members and non-members of the association can still sign up to the suit, which Altroconsumo says has already attracted over 15,000 signatures, and which will demand a three-month season ticket as compensation.

Trenord has already announced some compensation: a 25 per cent bonus for holders of monthly season-tickets, a lower bonus for annual ticket holders, and a free weekend pass for two months.  But Altroconsumo calls this “alms” in view of the serious and lasting disservice caused when the new software for staff logistics failed to send drivers and guards to the right train for almost a week, leaving commuters stranded.  The consumer association points out that Trenord’s offer is no more than the contractual compensation for late arrivals.

Altroconsumo advises travellers who suffered during the week of chaos to keep their December season-tickets or the receipt for recharging electronic tickets, in case Trenord asks to see them as proof.  And then to visit the specific page on the Altroconsumo website and click the red “Aderisci” button to take part in the class action.
Commuters are still swapping hints and updates via the Twitter tag @TrenordVictims.

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