Consumers protest unfair fines

Milan motorists “misled”

Consumer association Codacons has protested to Milan city hall over scores of fines issued to motorists during the ASEM EU-Asia summit in the city on 16-17 October, claiming the drivers were “misled” by a traffic cop.

When many streets in the city centre were closed to allow delegations to reach the summit, the association states, stalled motorists were told by a traffic policewoman in Piazza 25 Aprile to take Corso Garibaldi. When they pointed out that this would take them under the cameras controlling entry to the Area C limited traffic area, she allegedly told them not to worry, because the cameras had been turned off.

Now, three months later, traffic fines are being mailed to the drivers demanding €94 for unauthorised access to Area C. The consumer association has called on Milan Comune to cancel the fines.

Codacons also points out that it has already protested about speed-camera fines being issued long after the legal limit of 90 days had elapsed, and states this is just another example of mismanagement by city hall.

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