Consumers want traffic-free Milan

Codacons appeals for cheaper tickets 

Consumer association Codacons has written to city councillor Pierfrancesco Maran, responsible for moblity and environment, pleading for a sharp reduction in the price of Milan’s bus, tram and metro tickets.

“We need to make a courageous but essential change in policy,” writes Codacons president Marco Maria Donzelli in an open letter published this week. “[We need] a boost to the whole network in Milan, and a cut in the price of tickes and season-tickets, so that all residents can truly move around freely without using a car. This would also produce a reduction in the pollition of PM10 particles, which is absolutely fundamental. “

Donzelli also pleaded for the funds raised by the congestion charge for entry to the reduced-traffic zone “Area C” – or a suitable tax on those who use cars – be destined to city transport authority ATM.

This plea by the consumer right body comes just as the first of 125 new buses in the top “Euro 6” clean emissions category enters service in the city.

Each bus, costing €228,000, represents a great investment in sustainable mobility with a service which is ever more efficient, swift and accessible to the general public, Codacons concluded.

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