Darsena remake almost complete

Piazza 24 May reopens to traffic.

After a year of roadworks, Milan’s totally revitalised Piazza 24 May has been opened to traffic connecting Viale D’Annunzio, Viale Gian Galeazzo and Via Col di Lana.

A spin-off advantage is that diverted traffic in Corso Porta Ticinese can now return to normal.

Part of a makeover of the whole Darsena area, the square now boasts an extensive pedestrian area around the Cagnola monument and the two former customs houses, with only the tram-tracks of line 3 cutting across it.

The entire project was agreed with the ministry of culture in a design to respect the layout of the square drawn up by Luigi Cagnola in 1815, even down to the material used to pave the roads and pavements.

The final touch will see the area completely revamped when the Darsena, the old canal dockyard, reopens in around ten days’ time, promised city councillor Carmela Rozza. The new Darsena Center was already opened last September, and final touches are now being put to the rest of the complex.

The Darsena renewal project The Darsena renewal project

Rozza also added that the work had taken only a week or so longer than planned even though all underground service networks, such as gas lines and drains, had been completely replaced so that no new works would be necessary for at least 15 years.