Differentiated waste collection everywhere

AMSA now covers the whole city As of last Monday, Milan’s environmental agency AMSA now covers the whole of the city with its collection of pre-differentiated waste, sorted by households before being put out for collection.

The last segment of the city - Affori, Bovisa-Dergano, Bruzzano, Comasina, Figino, Gallaratese-Bonola, Quarto Oggiaro, S. Siro, Viale Certosa, Corso Sempione and Via Sarpi – in the north-west quadrant was added on 30 June. This brings Milan in line with other major European cities as far as quality and extension of differentiated waste collection is concerned, states AMSA.

The kitchen waste category, known as “umido” or “wet waste”, is used to create a natural fertiliser which can be returned to the land in allotments and vegetable gardens. It is also possible to recover renewable energy from it through the production of biogas.

Users need to be aware of what goes in the brown kitchen waste bags, says AMSA. They should be used for left-over food, trimmed-off bits of meat and fish, egg-shells and leftovers of bread, pasta and rice. Coffee grounds, wilted flowers and fallen leaves from house plants also belong in this category. AMSA guarantees to collect this waste twice a week on the same timetable as the collection of undifferentiated waste in transparent bags.

AMSA’s website has pages in nine languages – including English – with helpful advice on how to separate waste, rules about collection, and an A-Z list of materials explaining in which category of waste they should be thrown away.

AMSA has also developed a free app for smartphones and tablets. PULIamo is an app that helps users separate their waste correctly and to keep the city clean. It contains complete information for correctly separating household waste, and also provides real-time updates on the service, as well as allowing users to report bins that are full. This means that, for example, they can report abandoned waste, illegal dumping, and full bins, photograph and report them to AMSA so that they can take action. Users also can book a pick-up of bulky items.

The next step, AMSA states, will be the installation of differentiated waste bins in public parks, beginning withg Parco Sempione, and in schools, classroom by classroom.

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