Emergency services continue on Milan commuter line

Train disaster continues to affect Milan and Cremona line.

Regional train network operator Trenord will continue emergency connections until at least Friday 9 February after the derailing of a commuter train in Pioltello on 25 January caused three deaths and a blocked line.

Services along this heavily used commuter corridor have been disrupted since the disaster. Trenord is providing on-the-spot guidance for passengers, as well as extra stops and substitute buses.

Buses now connect Treviglio and the M2 station at Villa Fiorita, stopping at D’Adda, Trecella, Pozzuolo Martesana, Melzo and Vignate. These run on weekdays from 05.00 to 21.00 and on weekends until 23.00. Another bus line with the same times is running between Vignate and the M2 station at Lambrate, with stops at Pioltello Limite and Segrate.

The bus line between Bergamo and Milan along the motorway has been extended with additional departures.

Passengers holding Trenord tickets are offered free transport on Milan’s ATM buses and metro lines, an arrangement introduced after the disaster and which will continue for the coming week.

Additional Trenord staff are available to provide information in stations at Milano Centrale, Milano Lambrate, Milano Porta Garibaldi, Treviglio, Bergamo, Brescia and Cremona, and at the departure and destination stops of the substitute bus lines.

The opening hours of the phone information service on 02 7249 4949 has been extended to operate seven days a week from 02.00 until 01.00.