Enjoy scooter sharing launches in Milan

The first scooter sharing system in Italy was launched in Milan on 15 July with 150 Piaggio Mp3 three-wheel vehicles, two wheels in front and one behind. The cost for using an Enjoy scooter is 35 cent an hour for the first 50 km, somewhat more than the 25 cent for Enjoy car sharing, which is already available in Milan.

The service can be used by anyone 21 years old and over with a Italian driving licence (types A and B) or a foreign one that is recognised by Enjoy.

Registration (the initial cost is €10) is via eni.enjoy.com website or a special app, the same one used for accessing the scooter. After that it is just a question of inserting your pin into the onboard computer under the seat and off you go. Anyone already registered with the Enjoy car sharing only needs to update details on the Enjoy website.


Every scooter has free access to the centre city Area C. It is possible to pick it up in one part of the city and leave it in another. Two helmets come with the scooter, which is also fitted with front and rear cameras for accident and damage surveillance.

Enjoy scooter sharing is at present only available in Milan but it may also be rolled out in Florence, Rome and Turin. It is run by the ENI hydrocarbons group and in conjunction with Piaggio, Trenitalia and Vodafone services.