Enrico Letta promises: no mafia in Expo 2015

Prime minister Enrico Letta has promised “total commitment” to keeping organised crime out of Milan’s Expo 2015.
“Expo 2015 is a real priority for the government,” he told reporters on Monday.  “It’s one of the cardinal points, an essential point of reference for the life of this government.  We want it to be a message of cohesion – we are a team, the Italy team.”
Letta was speaking after announcing that he has signed the decree appointing the current CEO of Expo S.p.a., Giuseppe Sala, sole commissioner for the exhibition.  “I pushed for his nomination, and I want to tell him he will have our maximum support.”
Turning to reports of infiltration by organised criminal groups into work for the exhibition, Letta said, “Let nobody think they can be sly.  The commitment of this government against illegal activity will be total.  Criminals and the mafia mustn’t think the Expo will be a chance to have a free hand.  We shall be hard and inflexible.  We want to avoid any association of Italy’s image with this deviation – our commitment will be an obsession.”
Milan’s Expo 2015, the prime minister added, will be a turning point for recovery in our country.  It will truly be at “the heart of the chance for recovery.”  And it shouldn’t be seen as a six-month event: “The Expo won’t finish in 2015; everything which happens there on site will have a future.”

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