Expo 2015 and Beyond

By Kayla Green

In collaboration with the American University in Rome

Expo 2015 was a six-month universal exposition hosted by Milan under the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. More than 145 participating countries and 50 international organisations had their own exhibition spaces showcasing challenges and solutions relating to the future of food. The exposition created awareness about future agriculture and food production, advancements in technology and innovation in an international context.

The universal exposition gained global attention for Milan and the site attracted millions of visitors from around the world, including celebrities such as Ban Ki-moon, Michelle Obama, Angela Merkel and Giorgio Armani.

Post Expo 2015

Arexpo, which owns the Expo 2015 site, is partnered with LendLease, a multinational company which wants to transform the area into the Science, Knowledge and Innovation Park by the end of 2018. The development plan of this park will focus on the areas of research, education, healthcare and social innovation.

Research - Human Technopole

Building on a project started in Expo 2015 that focused on quality of life, Human Technopole (HT) continues this mission by bringing researchers together from different life science fields. It is a new research centre that will focus on biological genetic research, medical advancements and new diagnostic techniques. HT will work to achieve its overall goal by educating people about healthy lifestyle choices and preventing disease, developing digital technologies in hospitals to reduce the cost of healthcare and increasing the industrial development of food technology, software and medical treatments. The institute will refurbish buildings erected for Expo 2015 and plans to open in 2023, providing research opportunities for 1,500 employees.

Education - University of Milan

The scientific departments of University of Milan are planning to move into the expo area which will lead to more than 18,000 students, including 700 foreigners studying on the new campus. The theme of this project is Science for Citizens. The University of Milan wants to make the campus attractive to researchers and students by offering the most advanced teaching and research methods. Gianluca Vago, head of the university, notes that it will be “a place of civil growth, spreading culture and the scientific method.” This new campus will require an investment of €380 million and will be located on 150,000 sqm of the old Expo site.

Healthcare - Institute of Scientific Research and Treatment (IRCCS)

Arexpo plans on transferring and upgrading the IRCCS healthcare centre to the expo site. This project will include the construction of a new building, parking space and green space with a park. The centre will focus on being environmentally friendly by reducing emissions and promoting renewable energy sources. Managing director of Arexpo, Giuseppe Bonomi, explains that this project was inspired by the 2015 universal exposition and will be “a great innovative structure dedicated to care and research that will integrate perfectly with the other scientific functions already present, such as Human Technopole and with the academic ones that will arrive in the coming years”. The construction of the centre is estimated to take up to three years.

Social Innovation - Cascina Triulza

Cascina Triulza will be a social innovation and sustainable development centre, promoted by Fondazione Triulza. While the other projects focus on science, education and healthcare, Cascina Triulza focuses on social, cultural, environmental and ethical finance aspects through the involvement of non-profit organisations.The board of trustees of Foundation Triulza reached out to mayors of 16 cities and towns to discuss the development opportunities of the expo area. This contact was especially important because the foundation wants to involve local citizens and children with the future of Cascina Triulza. It is important to the foundation that Cascina Triulza reflects the needs and hopes of the surrounding community and be a constantly growing and changing project.