Expo 2015 presented in Washington DC

Washington calls Milan. In the run-up to Expo2015, the Italian Embassy in Washington DC organised two high-profile events in the USA capital this week with food historian and Italian cuisine expert Francine Segan.

Award-winning TV host Segan talked about tradition and innovation in Italian gastronomy in an event held in the prestigious Library of Congress. 

Library of Congress
Library of Congress

The Italian embassy building on Massachusetts Avenue, creation of architect Piero Sartogo, was also the venue for a conference on the history of chocolate, from Christopher Colombo’s discovery, via gianduia and the secrets of Sicilian chocolate made in Modica, to the most recent inventions.

Italian embassyThe Italian embassy in Washington

Between savoury dishes and sorbets, Segan led her audience on a tasty trip around the most famous places in Italy.

Italy has contributed so much, and is still innovating with such creativity that I could hold a different conference every day for a year without covering everything,” said Segan.

Ambassador Claudio Bisognero commented that the events were to be a showcase for Milan’s Expo 2015, the biggest event ever held in the world on the theme of nutrition.

Segan is considered the USA’s leading expert on Italian cuisine. She has published six books on the subject and has regular slots on American TV shows.