Expo 2015: three more arrests

Senior Expo 2015 managers accused of corruption

With less than 200 days left until the opening, Milan’s Expo 2015 has again been hit by arrests on charges of corruption.

Milan magistratres moved this week to arrest Antonio Acerbo, the former Expo sub-commisar and general manager of the Italy pavilion, who had already stepped down from these roles about a month ago when advised that he was under investigation. Also arrested were Andrea Castellotti, facility manager of the Italy pavilion, and Domenico Maltauro, a businessman and supplier of the Expo and cousin of another businessman already under investigation.

Magistrates Claudio Gittardi and Antonio D’Alessio demanded that all three be placed under house arrest, a measure usually used when the investigators believe there is no risk of flight and no opportunity for the accused to tamper with the evidence.

The three are accused of corruption and interference in the awarding of contracts during 2012 and 2013. Italian media report that among the consultancy contracts finshed under the magistrates’ inspection included one worth €30,000 awarded to Acerbo’s son, and which some reports imply required no work at all by the winner.

The alleged corruption appears to be concerned mainly with the “Vie d’Acqua” waterways project, which has already been suspended.

Raffaele Cantone, president of the national anti-corruption authority, is expected in Milan this week for urgent talks with the senior management of Expo. Media reports quote him as saying it is possible that the whole structure might have to be placed under a commissioner.

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