Expo 2015 ticket sales

Expo 2015 is planning to keep the price of tickets under €40 for the Universal Exhibition in Milan. The marketing strategy is to encourage multi-visits and make Expo 2015 competitive with other fair grounds, such as Gardaland on nearby Lake Garda or Disneyland in Paris.

Help has come from the Italian senate, the upper house of parliament, which has just approved a government measure to set the sales tax (IVA) on Expo tickets at 10 per cent instead of the normal 21 per cent.

Expo 2015 organisers are now studying various types of tickets; family, group, multiple-entry and evening entries. It is hoped that Expo-by-night will become a fashionable attraction for Milan's aperitivo crowds on summer nights.

Tickets for Expo 2015, which opens on 1 May 2015, should go on sale in the first half of 2014.

Organisers are planning an aggressive pre-sales campaign and an agreement has recently been signed with the Co-op for ticket sales in its 1,500 supermarkets.

The Expo 2015 target is 20 million visitors in its six months but it hopes to push this over 24 million.