Expo Milan 2015 says no to pets

Would you take your dog to Milan's Expo?

If you decided to take your four-legged friend to the Expo site in Milan you would risk being told to take it home again. According to Italy's daily newspaper La Repubblica controversy is growing over whether or not pets (in this case mainly dogs) should or should not be allowed into the Expo Milan 2015 showgrounds.

The international regulations for world fairs say not – unless they are guide dogs – but Italy's minister of health Beatrice Lorenzin thinks that the rules are a bit out of date and the country's chief vet has asked Expo Milan 2015 management to be more elastic. Animals rights groups are also up in arms about the discrimination.

Rules of the Bureau International des Espositions (BEI) apart, there is still the problem of the lack of proper facilities for pets in the Expo grounds, especially during the present heatwave.