In line with the Expo 2015 theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, several old farmsteads around Milan are now scheduled for restoration.

In a public/private initiative the city will grant a 30-year lease on the farm buildings in return for their restoration, part of which will be financed by money from the state, part from the region and part by private sponsors.

16 historic farmsteads around the city are marked for restoration although it is not certain that they will all be ready for the Expo 2015 opening on 1 May 2015. Once restored the farmsteads will then be used for agricultural research, experimental farm projects, bio-markets or student accommodation.

The first scheduled for restoration is Cascina Moncucco, along the Grande Naviglio and Naviglio Pavese to the south-west of the city in Parco La Spezia. It is an old structure that has been added to and restored several times over the centuries. It is a typical design of several farm buildings, including a mill, around a square courtyard.

Until the 1860s it was part of an autonomous commune, independent of its neighbour Milan. It is now part of the city’s administrative zone 6 in the protected Cascine del Parco Sud area.