Expo selects Disney

Expo 2015 CEO Giuseppe Sala has announced from New York that Disney Italia has beaten main competitors De Agostini and RAI to land the contract for creating and marketing the mascot for the exhibition.

"Disney Italia,” said Sala, “has won this significant tender, in which many of the world's leading entertainment companies participated. The design of the Universal Exposition's mascot needs to be original and creative, expressing the theme of the 2015 Universal Exposition. The design of the Universal Exposition’s mascot needs an original creativity’s effort and an incredible communicative capacity. I would like to thank Disney Italia for its hard work so far, and for the crucial contribution the mascot it designs will make to our success. With its vast experience in the entertainment sector, Disney Italia has presented a very impressive proposal, which will certainly win the hearts of Expo Milano's 2015 visitors."

The Expo Milano 2015 official mascot will be unveiled in the coming weeks at a dedicated event, he added. The €25-million business will include not only designing the mascot, but also its reproduction on all products and items connected with the exhibition: TV spots, pens, T-shirts, toys, video games, smartphone apps and household articles. The contract is for a family of related mascots and images, all referring to food to match the theme “Feeding the planet, energy for life”.

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