Expo told by social media

Expo Milano 2015 has yet to begin, reports Italian news agency ANSA, but it and its theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” are already being narrated through drawings, images, videos and stories on social media.

As part of the first day of Milan's Social Media Week, some members of the Social Media Expo 2015 team told how they had dealt with telling about an event that lasts six months and involves numerous people and groups as well as narrative levels.

The Expo's new social media team “took office” some 20 days ago and consists of professionals and students from the IULM Polytechnic, who will alternate in their work every six months. ''There are many bodies involved in the story,'' said the head of Social Media Expo, Susanna Legrenzi. ''The idea is to get all of them involved to make the Expo into a huge container of stories.'' There are many projects to develop, she said, ''one based on visual storytelling to communicate through images'', along with a system of maps and pictograms.

There will also be a project involving foreign students living in Milan, in which they will greet their peers coming to the city for the World Expo in their own languages. ''We are storing and sharing the work that we are doing,'' said Social Media Expo chief Stefano Mirti, speaking to ANSA, ''so that similar experiences can be had. The real challenge is for this story to impress different people and generate more projects.'' 

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