Famous photographers for Expo clusters

Nine internationally-renowned photographers will share their vision of the cluster themes at Expo Milano 2015. Their exhibitions will guide the public in learning about the ways that various crops and human labour feed the planet and its inhabitants, giving them the energy that helps build our collective future.

The nine "cluster" pavilions group countries not by geography, but through a common category or food. They offer an opportunity to participate to countries which don't have their own pavilions as well as those that already do.

Expo Milano 2015's photography projects are the fruit of a collaboration with the world-famous photographic agency Magnum/Contrasto, explained Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner of the Government of Italy for Expo Milano 2015 and Managing Director of Expo 2015, presenting the project.

A journey around the world, exploring food production chains, traditions, faces and places: the personal idiom of the photographers will add an extra dimension to the exhibits in the clusters of the participating countries, providing extra insights to the 10 million or more visitors expected to come to the Expo from around the globe.

The photographers, and the areas they will address, are:

Gianni Berengo Gardin:  Rice – Abundance and Security Cluster

• Irene Kung: Fruits and Legumes• Joel MeyerowitzCereals and Tubers - Old and New Crops• Martin Parr: Cocoa and Chocolate – the Food of the Gods• Sebastião Salgado: Coffee - Engine of Ideas• Alessandra Sanguinetti: Islands, Sea and Food

• Ferdinando Scianna: Bio-Mediterraneum

• George Steinmetz: Agriculture and Nutrition in the Arid Zones

• Alex Webb: The World of Spices

The nine photography exhibitions, one in each of the communal spaces of each cluster, will be among the highlights of Expo's cultural offerings,” said Sala. “These premier photographic agencies have created a great exhibition, with nine internationally renowned photographers who have been invited to share their insights by means of their original works on the cluster themes."

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