Financial Times lauds Milan’s renaissance

City forges new identity, says FT.

London’s prestigious financial and economic daily, the Financial Times, has praised Milan’s “architectural makeover” for boosting the city’s renaissance.

An article by staffer Rachel Sanderson in the international property section points out that Milan, “[long] derided as the ugly, industrial sister among Italy’s resplendent art-filled cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence, ... is striving for a new identity.”

Sanderson admits that, when working in the city in 2001, she found “the greyness of the place — then a stronghold for Silvio Berlusconi and his allies — mostly made me miserable,” so she was nervous about moving back there for the FT.

Instead, she found Milan “crackling back to life” as “the modern, can-do face of Italy”. Expo 2015, she reports, is bringing “a flowering of positive activity.”

And she praises the new architectural makeover of the skyline, with Pelli’s UniCredit skyscraper and the two “bosco verticale” residential blocks covered with greenery on every storey, as symbolic for the city’s new lease of life.

Photo Bosco Verticale © Stefano Boeri Studio