Five cafes worth visiting in Milan

With the upcoming cold months, what better than getting cosy and sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee? If you're looking for a place in which to get comfortable, hide from the rain, or work with free wifi, look no further. Here are five options, one quite different from the other.


For a good brew and baked pastry more on the traditional side of things, Pavè is just the place: a cafe and artisan bakery with a contemporary atmosphere. Sharing tables here is quite normal, and the staff is used to welcoming quite a number of tourists, students and business meetings on a daily basis. Pavè is known locally for its filling brioches (how locals call the cornetti or croissants) that it serves for breakfast, but lunch salads, snacks, sandwiches and even aperitivo can be found here throughout the day. Pavè has three locations around Milan but the one recommended especially for studying or working with a laptop is at Via Felice Casati 27. Tue-Fri 08.00-20.00, Sat-Sun 08.30-19.00.

Pavè captured by @gnambox

Bianco Latte

For shoppers or for those who enjoy having lots of options on the menu, this is a cafe that is also a restaurant, ice-cream parlour and a shop featuring home-goods and toys. With many options when it comes to food and drinks, this is also a calm place that pleases all sorts of cravings and where it is easy to find a seat by the window area with free wifi. Via Turati 30. Mon 07.30-20.00, Tue-Fri 07.30-24.00, Sat-Sun 08.00-24.00.


Crazy cat cafe

For the joy of animal-lovers, this is the first cat cafe in Lombardy. As its name suggests, real cats live in this cafe and welcome visitors to cuddle with them while sipping their coffee. There are nine cats living here, and they were all rescued from the streets or adopted specifically to come and live in this cafe. Besides coffee, this place also offers lunch and dinner, and in tune with the animal-loving vibes, its menu features several vegetarian and vegan options. Via Napo Torriani 5. Tue-Sun 10.00-20.30.



For the sustainably-concerned, Upcycle promotes a lifestyle of less waste and more informed decisions. The notion of ‘upcycling’ comes from diminishing our negative carbon footprints by adopting habits such as cycling and using material resources to their fullest, including our food. Upcycle offers something for everyone: a restaurant for every meal, space in which to have a coffee whilst using the free wifi, or have a beer and socialise. Sometimes, workshops and events about sports and sustainability are also held here. Via Andrea Maria Ampere 59. Mon 08.30-20.00, Tue-Fri 08.30-23.00, Sat 10.00-23.00, Sun 10.00-16.00.

Upcycle captured by @manueljesusgtz

Macha Cafe

This one is for the gastronomy adventurers. “Macha is the new black” is the motto of this Japanese cafe that specialises in matcha, a green tea-based drink. This cafe also offers breakfast, snacks and Japanese-inspired food for lunch and dinner, such as burgers and bowls featuring lots of rice, avocado, salmon and edamame beans. Macha is popular on Instagram for having a photogenic atmosphere which makes it an especially pleasant place to hide from the rain in the upcoming cold months. Viale Francesco Crispi 15. Mun-Sun 09.00-23.00.