Once a month dozens of homeless people in Milan can access free hairdressing services in an initiative of the international volunteer association City Angels and Benesserecapelli, an Italian network of beauty farms which traditionally promotes the wellbeing of clochards.

The next appointment is on 9 Nov from 15.00 to 17.30 at the headquarters of City Angels in Galleria Tonale at the Central Station. Here hair stylists serve around 40 homeless people, cutting their hair and beard and providing them with shampoo, conditioner and other hair-care products.

Only those people who appear motivated to find a job and start a new life will be selected by City Angels to benefit from this service, which aims to help them to reintegrate into a society in which appearance is increasingly important in the relationship with others. Most homeless people are out of work and are often overlooked by potential employers because of their untidy appearance.

For further information call 0226809435.

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