Free Wi-Fi reaches 200,000

370 areas now connected

Milan’s free Open Wi-Fi Milano service has topped 200,000 registered users, who have logged on to the 370 connection areas of the service two million times since it was activated in 2012.

The figures were announced by city hall this week as the number of users reached the milestone figure. Of the 370 active hot spots, 70 are located in city-managed installations such as offices, libraries, swimming pools and free-time centres, while the rest are outdoor locations in squares, parks, gardens and 20 metro stations.

The number of new users is rising steadily, now reaching 400 per day; 25,000 of them (some 13 per cent) are foreigners. Users can surf the internet free up to a daily limit of 300 MB of data. Once passed this threshold, you still have one more hour at the maximum speed; after that, the surfing speed will be limited to 192 kb/s until midnight, when the daily usage counter is reset to zero and you can start again.

Milan was Italy’s first municipality to offer free Wi-Fi connection with no time limit and over such a vast area.

Full details on how to sign up and use the service are on the dedicated website, also in English.

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