With the noticeable increase in flight options and budget airlines serving European cities from Birmingham, a great idea for those with a little more time on their hands is to make an "open jaw" trip - flying into one city and out of another. This allows much more of a connection with the region you choose to visit as travelling overland for part of the trip lets you see a whole different side to the country, away from the primary tourist centres.

Fortunately, there has never been a better time to get to Europe easily from Birmingham. There is a huge choice of flight options for those wishing to travel from Birmingham to Europe, whether for business or leisure and both Flybe and BMI Baby use Birmingham airport as a base.

Some of the newest routes have been those accessing the new EU accession states and it is now possible to fly directly from Birmingham to Krakow in Poland in around two and a half hours. Another new route to emerge that is likely to become increasingly popular as an alternative summer holiday destination is Split, the capital of Croatia`s Dalmatia region.

For passengers wishing to fly directly from Birmingham, Italy remains a firm favourite on many travellers` wish lists and from Birmingham it is now easy to fly to several Italian cities. Both Rome and Milan can be accessed from Birmingham. www.flights-from-birmingham.com/european-flights/flights-to-milan.

Birmingham Airport is one of the most hassle-free airports in the UK, offering access to a wide range of international destinations while managing not to create the congested feel of some other international hubs. Easily accessible from the city centre, both by public transport and driving, the airport offers all the conveniences you would expect, a wide choice of refreshments and internet access for those that need to keep in touch with the office throughout the trip.

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