G-Lab opens for young immigrants

Milan’s city hall has opened a welcome centre for “new Italians”, the children of immigrants of all nations born in Italy but still without Italian citizenship.
In the centre’s offices in Via Dogana 2, youngsters can get information on how to obtain citizenship, meet up with others from their cultural and national background, and “tackle the unique experience of being foreigner-Italians”.
The name, says social affairs councillor Pierfrancesco Majorino, combines the G for giovani and Lab to indicate that it is an ongoing project still under constriction.  “President Napolitano,” he told reporters, “has stressed on many occasions how we need to overcome the current “ius sanguinis” legislation so that everybody born in Italy can become Italian, whatever nationality his or her parents have.  We need to work to help them enjoy all the rights of their contemporaries, starting with voting rights.  They are a resource for our country and our city that needs to be recognised and used.”
The centre will be open – also to parents of the “new Italians” – every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 14.00 to 18.00. Advice will be provided by young immigrants who have already taken citizenship and have attended a training course set up by the city administration.  The team is led by Eritreans Medhin Paolos e Hielen Tekeste Berhe and Palestinians Nura Tafeche e Sumaya Abdel Qader.
All the activities of G-Lab are explained on a dedicated website.