Huff Post recommends visiting Milan

While Italy struggles to rise out of the recession, popular US daily Huffington Post headlines: “Milan is one of Europe’s cheapest cities to visit in 2015, and our wallets are thrilled”.

With a strong dollar and a weak euro, it is no surprise that many Americans are looking to Europe for an affordable getaway. Huff Post’s US edition reports that a round-trip ticket from New York to Milan comes in at about $400, and states that flight prices could come down even further, quoting authoritative travel site Kayak’s finding that the city saw a 13 per cent drop in prices over the previous year, the largest drop in 2014.

Author Suzy Strutner says, “We've got a special eye on Milan thanks to cheap flight deals, cheap food deals and the fact that the vast majority of must-do activities here are 100 percent FREE.” She points out that even in Italy’s high fashion capital there are still numerous outlets and factory stores, while “art-spotting never has a big price tag.”

And she concludes: “The city is preparing to host Expo 2015 Milano, a six-month global showcase on sustainable food and nutrition. This means we'll likely see a whole bevy of brand-new parks, trails, walking zones and Wi-Fi in 2015, making one of Europe's prettiest cities even more gorgeous.”

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