ISIS suspect detained in Milan

Egyptian "lone wolf" held in Milan “ready to make war”.

A 22-year-old Egyptian national who described himself as “a lone wolf” was arrested on 21 November in Milan during anti-terrorism operation “Desert Wolves”.

Shalabi Issam Elsayed Abouelamayem was captured by a squad from the NOCS tactical unit of Italy’s state police in a dawn raid.

Investigators told media that phone interceptions had caught the Egyptian stating, “I am ready to fight and to make war.” They also discovered dozens of audio files recorded by him, including fundamentalist hymns and sermons by radicalist imams exalting martyrdom and hate for the West.

He was recorded claiming to have carried out intensive military training, and to have played a leading role in propaganda work for ISIS, the self-styled “Islamic state”.

He had been under observation ever since he had lived as an unregistered alien in Teramo, in Abruzzo, and the monitoring continued after he moved to Milan.

During the operation, properties were also raided in Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont in the search for two other Egyptians with close links to the prisoner and who were wanted for proselytising for ISIS. One of these has already been expelled from Italy, while the other has gone to ground and is still being sought.