Italy's salaries highest in north

Milan, Lombardy pay top salaries.

Companies in Milan and Lombardy pay their employees the highest salaries in Italy according to a survey carried out for daily newspaper La Repubblica by the Bergamo-based research institute JobPricing.

The tables which detail the results of the survey show that mean salaries range from over €34,500 a year in Milan province to less than €22,500 in Medio Campidano province, some 100 km from the Sardinian capital Cagliari – a difference of some 35 per cent.

Looking at regions rather than provinces, Lombardy again leads with a mean salary of over €31,000, while Calabria, at the toe of Italy’s boot, comes in at around €23,500.

Commenting on the figures, La Repubblica explains that the salaries are collected at the point of employment, not that of residence. They exclude civil servants and the self-employed. The results are thus “purer” than those published by the state statistics office Istat, which are based on types of income: salaries, pensions, autonomous earnings, ownership of property, and then divided by the number of people in the household.

It must also be said that the cost of living in the richer north is noticeably higher than in the poorer Mezzogiorno, or south.

A report published in November by Istat showed that in 2014 over 45 per cent of families in the southern regions were “at risk of poverty or social exclusion”, while the corresponding figure in the north was less than 18 per cent.

Illustration: La Repubblica