Local transport strike scheduled Friday 15 May

Unless agreement reached.

Milan is likely to suffer a strike of local transport – buses, trams and metro – on Friday 15 May. However on Thursday the prefect, who is responsible for public order, disallowed the strike and decided to draft in the public transport workers, given the large number of visitors in the city for Expo 2015. Transport authority ATM is now promising a regular service but it is not clear whether this order will be heeded.

If the strike takes place, it will halt local transport from 08.45 until 15.00 and from 18.00 until the end of the evening service. Other hours may be observed in other cities.

While the major labour unions – CGIL, CISL and UIL – have decided not to down tools, the minor USB union wants to go ahead with the protest, and their stillstand will be enough to bring Milan almost to a halt.

People relying on local transport on Friday are advised to check last-minute details on transport authority AMA’s Twitter feed or website.