Lombardy again the “richest” region

Milan suburb Basiglio home to the richest.

The Milan suburbs of Basiglio and Cusago take first and second place among Italy’s almost 8,000 municipalities with the highest-earning taxpayers in Italy, and another comune in Milan province, Segrate, comes in at seventh place.

In all, six out of the top 10 municipalities are in Lombardy, including Luvinate and Gallate Lombardo (Varese province) and Torre d’Isola (Pavia).

The figures were calculated by financial consultancy Uhy Italy on the basis of income tax returns for 2015.

In Basiglio, 392 out of 5.130 taxpayers (7.6 per cent) declared incomes of over €120,000. To put that in perspective, only around 277,000 reached that level of earning across the country, or 0.7 per cent nationally.

Basiglio residents overall earned an average income of €43,737 in 2015, and those of Cusago €36,814.

Among regional capitals, Milan itself was home to the most top earners, with 3.1 per cent of the population – that’s 30,316 individuals – comfortably ahead of Rome’s 1.7 per cent.

Basiglio and Cusano were already firmly in leading positions in an earlier study, published in 2015 on the basis of income tax declarations from the previous year.