Lombardy region offers free ski-passes for under-16s

Inspired by Milan-Cortina bid for 2026 Olympics.

Lombardy regional government is offering free ski-passes to under-16s for use on two weekends – 23-24 February and 30-31 March – at any ski resort in the region.

The passes can also be used on other days, but outside of these two weekends they will be charged. The initiative is intended to bring closer to the sporting public the combined bid by Milan and Cortina for the winter Olympics in 2026, said a spokesman for the Lombardy government.

The region has already introduced “pay per use” ski-lift cards, which have the double advantage of charging the skier only for the actual times they have used it, rather than for a whole weekend or season, and of jumping the queues for using the lifts.

Now this new initiative is expected to attract even more sportspeople, starting with the youngest skiers on the slopes.

Youngsters or their parents should register on the website www.skipasslombardia.com with a credit card (including rechargeable cards). The card will be debited only when used outside the two free weekends.