Lombardy signs cooperation agreement with Siberia

Lombardy launches regional exchanges in Novosibirsk.

Regional leaders from Milan have announced a memorandum of intent with the Russian region of Siberia, designed to boost best-practice exchanges in the chemical, heavy industry, research and cultural fields, signed in Novosibirsk this week.

Regional vice president Fabrizio Sala said the idea of the accord was born when a delegation led by Siberian governor Vladimir Gorodetsky had visited Milan recently and pointed out that there was wide scope for cooperation.

Sala is leading a group of councillors from the Lombardy regional administration to Novosibirsk, Russia’s third largest city, and said they had seen ample proof of the excellent work being carried out which would resonate with Lombardy industrialists.

Regional cooperation, said Sala, is a strategy which can overcome political obstacles.  He pointed out that the Italian government had approved the accord, which could prove helpful for areas of Lombardy suffering from the effect of sanctions, such as the Brianza design industry.

As an example, Sala quoted the Technology Park in Novosibirsk, which he called “an extraordinary instance of an incubator for high-tech companies, born out of public-private cooperation.”

Sala also stated that cooperation between universities and research poles was, coming right after economic issues, one of his mission’s prime objectives when he visited the Siberian department of the Russian Academy of Science.

And speaking to students and faculty at the University of Public Administration, Sala praised the work done at Expo Milano 2015 for “opening important doors for us“ towards China and Russia.